Jason Pfaff (feat. Janitor Joe)- Serfs Up


Dedicated to Kristen.
From the upcoming album “MUSIC FOR ULTRAS” (2016).

In part created with GIFS (thanks to giphy.com and all of the contributors worldwide). Made with I-Movie and Go-Pro.

Thanks to Joe Breuer (Janitor Joe).

Download the song only at https://jasonpfaff.bandcamp.com/track…

This video is for promotional purposes only, it is not for sale nor eligible for monetization in any way.
The song can be purchased and downloaded, visit:

Music and Video created by Jason Pfaff
Sampled bass and vocal parts featuring Kristen Pfaff and Joe Breuer/ from several songs on Janitor Joe’s album Big Metal Birds (thanks to Joe Breuer and Amrep records)
Scenes from Janitor Joe “Boys in Blue” music video (directed by John Anglim)
Roller-coaster audio sample purchased from Pond5.com stock media site. Artist: (http://www.freesfx.co.uk)

Thanks to Joe Breuer, Janitor Joe, Norm Pfaff, Stefan Nicolo, and Johanna Ahlquist.

Made with Mac (mtn lion), I-Movie 9.09, Go-Pro, Reason 7, Pro-Tools, Axiom 61, Sonor drums, Korg Nano-Kontrol 2, Mbox mini2, Shure headphones, Sony monitors, and Shure SM-58 microphone.